Alisa Zhiteneva

Alisa joined the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology as part of the Wellcome Trust Four Year PhD Programme in 2011. After completing a rotation there, she decided to join the Earnshaw lab. She is currently working on a project investigating the mechanisms responsible for chromatin condensation during mitosis, with the long term goal of identifying the Regulator of Chromosome Architecture (Vagnarelli et al., 2006). For this she is using a variety of techniques, including Atomic Force Microscopy.

Alisa graduated from the University of Cambridge with a masters degree in Natural Sciences in 2011. During her time at Cambridge she specialised in Genetics (Part II) and Biochemistry (Part III) and had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of questions and systems.

Funded by a J. R. S. Fincham Bursary, she spent a summer working with Dr Marisa Segal, investigating the role of Kar9p in the formation of the mother-bud axis in S. cerevisiae. As part of her degree she also worked with Dr Damian Crowther (using D. melanogaster to model the spread of ß-amyloid) and Dr Masanori Mishima (finding interaction partners of PRC1 using a genetic screen in C. elegans).

Alisa is a Ph.D. student funded by a Wellcome 4 year PhD studentship.